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Signal 88 Securitys flagship service. The Roving Vehicle Patrol provides clients with the strongest visual deterrent available in the security industry today. Combining the stature of an SUV style vehicle with 3M brand graphics, LED lighting, and Wi-Fi communications technology, Roving Vehicle Patrols give clients maximum criminal deterrent, immediate reporting capabilities, and the ability to respond to situations in a timely fashion.

Our randomized Roving Vehicle Patrol service is the most cost-effective security solution. GPS tracked vehicles and time-stamped electronic reports ensure quality services with verifiable performance. Customization allows clients the flexibility to address any and all security concerns, including:

By signing up for the free courtesy patrol you give Signal 88 Security express permission of ingress (enter property) and egress (leave property) for the purpose of conducting and demonstrating the Signal 88 Security Roving Patrol service. You may revoke this permission at any time. Further Signal 88 Security agrees to use this permission for the purposes of demonstrating a service only.

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